5 Great Home Improvement Interior Painting Ideas

Professional Advice on How To Mix Colors in Order to Refresh Your Property

If your budget is tight but you are longing for a home improvement, the most affordable option for you will be to do some interior painting. A splash of bright colors here and there can do wonders, and you will not need more than a weekend to finish the entire project, especially if you hire a professional painter.

There are plenty of local painters in Anaheim, CA, but only one is knowledgeable enough to present you all the painting trends in a single post, and this is Independent Painting Inc. Read on and you will see which are our top 5 interior painting tips for this season:

1) Accent walls are a hit now! – If you only color a single wall of your master bedroom (commonly the one behind your bed), you will manage to change the entire atmosphere in the room. Bright colors are to be preferred, especially green nuances, which are known for their relaxation effect.

2) Don’t be afraid of the dark!- If you’d like to define a living space, or spotlight a treasured piece of artwork, the only way to do it is apply a dark base paint. It may make the living space look a bit smaller but it is perfect for individuals who have many decorations and furniture in pastel colors. Do not combine dark gray or black with leather furniture, however, as this may make the place look a bit gloomy.

3) Wall decorations – Many painters will support the idea of adding a small manually painted detail, like flowers or abstract shapes.

4) Give your high ceiling a creative treatment! – If you have a lot of furniture and you prefer to leave your walls painted in classic white to accent on it, you may repaint your ceiling. High ceilings can often handle bold colors and designs. When you are not sure if the ceiling color upgrade you have chosen will fit the rest of your design, you better turn to a professional painter or an interior designer.

5) Geometry is fun! – Painting your accent wall with geometric shapes in 2 similar nuances of 1 color will make it look like an amazing piece of art! Try it now and you will see your family will be positively surprised by the experiment! Sadly, algebra is still not in fashion!