Tips on How to Calculate Exterior Painting of a Commercial Property

Tricks to Estimate a Commercial Painting Project

If you need to repaint an office building but you neither have the equipment, nor the paint itself, you should call an experienced commercial painting provider. Of course, professional painting services can cost a lot, depending on the size of the property and the type of painting materials, so you need to be well prepared to meet any expenses. For this reason today Independent Painting Inc, of Anaheim, CA, will provide you with some tips on how to accurately calculate a painting project before you book a contractor.

Here is what you will need to do:

  1. Commercial painting workMeasure (in square feet) the exterior of the building you need painted, including the gutters, soffits, etc.
  2. Divide the total square footage by 400 for a smooth surface, or or 300 for a rough one, in order to estimate the amount of paint you will need (in gallons).
  3. Quality exterior paint costs about $30-$35 per gallon, so you can multiply the numbers you have by this price.
  4. Labor and overhead painting costs will vary by the geographic location of the property and the type of quality you are looking for. But you can still calculate them approximately by estimating the hours of work (including hours of prep – pressure-washing, caulking, scraping of old paint, cleaning, building of the painting scaffolding, etc.)
  5. Add some money to your budget for any unexpected costs like – fuel, equipment rental, brushes, and some other materials you will have to buy before your commercial painting team starts working.

For more information or if you want to book a free job estimate with our company, you can call (714) 606-9187. We will be happy to assist you do an exact estimation of the painting job you need done and therefore assist you in planning your budget in details.

The Benefits of Booking the Painting Contractors of Independent Painting Inc

How to Take Advantage of Our Special Painting Offers

When you need a dedicated painting contractor in Anaheim, CA or any of the surrounding areas the only company worth calling is Independent Painting Inc. We provide the most professionally executed painting service in our region, by providing quality products and workmanship, as well as maintaining a friendly relationship with every customer. Here are just a few of the service benefits you can experience with our painting contractors:

  • Red painted kitchenWe can offer you free ideas on how to improve your living environment.
  • We are fully bonded, insured and trained.
  • We offer a work guarantee for all of our services, and will gladly discount the price for regular customers, senior citizens and military personnel.
  • We can provide both exterior and interior painting, for homeowners and businesses.
  • We know everything about the latest trends in the painting industry and can offer you a wide variety of contemporary painting solutions.
  • We can organize the entire project from buying the type of paint which is most suitable for your property to delivering a team of painting contarctors at your place at the date and time arranged.

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